12 Lessons From Brazilian Jiujitsu For Those Saving the World

7.) Avoid Extremities On And Off The Mat

The Jits:

I was once knew the owner of an MMA gym whom taught Brazilian Jiujitsu. Despite marketing his business as ‘family friendly’ and ‘traditional’, said owner enjoyed talking about getting into street fights. Let’s call the owner: X. It seemed that every other week X was in a new conflict with some student or somebody. Then he had the galls to be philosophical. This guy loved to make eyes roll with mystical Martial Arty riddles. Rumors also describe X hitting his students whom lose at tournaments.

So, what did his most serious BJJ students do? Got up and left. How did this affect his gym quality? A visiting purple belt from another gym (mine…glee) wiped out his entire BJJ team and then proceeded to humiliate X in front of his students. Did X get a wake up call? Did he get the hint and seek reform? Nope. Responds with insecurity and slander.

World Saving:

The most negative experience I have had with a social activist came during one of the most tragic moments in my life. The incident started when an angry me went on a Facebook rant and used the word “bitch” to describe a criminal. A feminist whom saw it went nuts. Despite my civil response, the lecture kept going. On and on and on about how I was “perpetuating rape culture”, “male privilege”, and “all men should join the fight against patriarchy or they are a misogynist”. Even when scores of people, including multiple women, came to my defense, the two feminists were so far gone they could not get the hint to quit.

I have always been respectful and self-controlled towards everyone. I maintain a liberal stance on gender equality and sexual freedoms. Because I came from locker culture, I was, in certain situations, far more effective at stopping misogynist men than a feminist would. After the incident above, I pretty much felt like “fuck it, you girls are on your own”. What is extremism? When you get guys like me to walk the hell away from it all. When you are too far-gone to notice even the people whom you fight for stand against you.

Oh and who was the person I called a bitch? The kid who just shot up my school and killed six. Two people I knew were injured, one I knew was dead. The last thing I needed to hear was the goddamn M&M analogy (Not all men are bad? 10 M&Ms, 2 are poisoned, would you eat any?). A lesson for every group on Earth: win the battle against radicalism within your own ranks, or someone else will do it… and on their terms.


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