Hello world!

Welcome to Apollonian Lifestyle!

Apollonian adj of or relating to the rational, ordered, and self-disciplined aspect of human nature

This blog is dedicated to the topics of self-improvement, motivational psychology, and building a better world! I am incredibly excited to embark on this new journey of self-actualization and to share with the world my discoveries.

2-6-2016. I do not pretend to be a guru or a master. My work is mostly based off of personal insight, analysis, interpretation, and observation; thus I avoid making absolute claims.  I invite professionals to put my unsupported claims through a proper empirical research process.

However, I can promise my readers that my work will be genuine, unique, insightful, and raw-fully entertaining. I invite you to make this climb with me.

To start us off, here is some pictures of big cats playing! Why? Why not…


Jaguars Laying About!Tigers PlayingLion cub playing panthersatplay



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